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Illinois Veterans & Community Classroom Project
Students as Digital Historians

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About The Project

Since 2008 over 25 Illinois schools have accepted the challenge to assist the Illinois World War II Veterans’ Memorial Board and Area 5 LTC in preserving an important piece of our heritage. These young citizens create digital stories of the service and sacrifice by men and women of the “Greatest Generation” who served our country.

2013 marks an exciting time for the project as it expands to capture the important community and military stories of Illinois Korean, Vietnam, Gulf War and other veterans. In addition, this project will be seeking school districts and communities wishing to work collaboratively to digitally preserve locally historical resources such as  books, journal series, and manuscript collections, photographic images, slides, maps, prints, posters, audio, and video, etc.  Read more...

Featured Collections

Browse hundreds of student project documentaries which contain personal accounts and stories from veterans', family, home front and other community personal experiences from all genres.  Among the collections searches will find rare historical images, documents and video/audio  digitally preserved by Illinois K-20 students.  Below are a few of our featured collections or projects:

Illinois WWII Veterans Classroom Project Collection- This collection has over 450 personal interviews filmed, edited, narrated and uploaded by Illinois students.  Presently the total  WWII video collection has been reformatted into HD and is being uploaded to the Video Gallery.- WWII.   The entire collection at a lower resolutions can still be found at  the Illinois WWII Veterans Classroom Project website until all projects have been transferred.    (All eligible veterans' raw footage interviews also have been submitted to the US LOC's Veterans History Project.)

Gould Collection from the Signal Corp Photo Collection - European Theatre - This collection contains  over 650 pictures taken by the US Signal Corp from June 10, 1944 until Berlin fell to Allied troops-- dating from June 10, 1944, these 11 Volumes with each volume containing between 50 to 60 16" x 20" BW photos contain many one-of-a-kind photos with complete descriptions of time, place and in many cases names of GIs.  Click here to see Volume I - June 10-July 28, 1944 - 52 pictures. .  All images are copyrighted. 

Latest News

Launch of New IVCCP website - After many months of designing and testing the new IVCCP website was launch on December 27, 2014.  Please have patience as we will be adding content and functionality in the months to come.  Our first priority is to transfer nearly 400 Illinois student interviews from WWII, Home Front and other  Illinois Veterans from the Illinois WWII Veterans Classroom website.  Additional content to be added are:  (1) Extensive Learning Resources (2) Downloadable Project Forms (3) Higher Quality Upload Cap

Acceptance of Multi Types of Military Media Projects -  In addition, functionality has been expanded so this site well be able to accept artifacts collected and organized by students from any military action or war which may include documents, personal written,  audio or video interview, diaries, letters, images, etc.

Partnerships - The IVCCP will continue its partnership with the US Library of Congress by contributing artifacts and personal veterans' interviews which meet the USLOC's Veterans History Project criteria as outlined in USLOC Brochure and USLOC VHP Field Kit .  To date the IVCCP and IL WWII Classroom Project schools have contributed 375+ veterans personal interviews to the USLOC.

Illinois State Library - The IVCCP has partnered with the ISL since 2008.  The ISL has provided training space, event space and is now working collaboratively with the IVCCP schools to historically archive 600 one-of-a-kind images from the WWII European Theatre.  In addition, in the Spring of 2014 the ISL will be receiving duplicate copies of all 500 IVCCP veteran and home front interviews and documentation so they might be preserved within the Illinois Veterans History Project.

Weekly Updates - The IVCCP will continue to post weekly updates, so spread the word.  The IVCCP has plans to continue to assist our present project schools and to continue to recruit student, teachers, schools and communities to participate and contribute to this wonderful project for many years to come.

Featured Student Videos

Joe Twigg's project was the Veteran 1st Place winner for 2015.  Each year, IVCCP has a Showcase where awards are given.  These personal veterans' and civilians' documentary interviews are filmed, researched, narrated, edited and produced by Illinois Students from grades 6 to 12 grade. 

Click here to view past winners projects.

Project Contact Information

Illinois Principals Association
2940 Baker Street
Springfield, IL  62703
Phone: 217-525-1383

Vicki DeWitt, Director
Julie Miener, Project Coordinator
Mat Marietta, Tech Support/Web Designer

How You Can Help

Corporate Sponsorship and Private Donation to IVCCP

The World War II Illinois Veterans Memorial Association was incorporated as a Not-For-Profit Corporation on February 22, 2000, followed by registrations with the County Recorder of Deeds, Illinois Attorney General, IRS Employer ID number and the 501(C) (3) tax exemption. We have completed the necessary legal requirements to solicit and accept donations. An Illinois Not-for-Profit Corporation - Official Tax ID: 37-1396248. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. This group not only has organized and funded the Illinois Veterans & Community Classroom Project (IVCCP), but also fund scholarships, maintain the Illinois WWII Veterans Memorial located in the Oakridge cemetery and monetary support other activities that honor Illinois Veterans. Funds that are donated to the IVCCP directly support Illinois students and teachers with training and purchasing equipment and software necessary to capture and preserve veteran's personal experience. See About Us for a complete prospectus.

World War II Illinois Veterans Memorial Association
Anne Powers, Treasurer
IVCC Project
P.O. Box 5652
Springfield, IL 62794